The answer is that if the wood construction

Over a recent decree bars the country was seen tremendous momentum physical infrastructure many everywhere. Parallel to the growth of the main building, skyscrapers and construction hundreds of thousands of houses, apartments, country self factory or handicraft products or raw materials to supply the construction industry, which is growing every day now?bricks

The answer is that if the wood construction over the last century, a vibrant country that is also probably not enough to make those Materials because everyone knew that the trees in the forest natural riches of the country is likely to be some powerful merchants cut down and transport sold abroad almost runs out, and if that building made of brick, cement and iron that people had heard that country crafts brick and cement factories, iron ore and so on.. These opinions are very reasonable.

But in the modern era furniture today is not only a wood, brick, cement and steel, but in fact it will have various entry Portugal, like ceramic, porcelain glass, plastics, rubber, paint and carpet.. And almost all of these raw materials are mostly imported from abroad, almost all solid brick and even idthabrahaong Several manufacturers also imports from abroad.

Men over 50 years old, Brick peaceful location in the neighborhood Bakheng Phnom Penh’s Russey Keo heritage granted an interview with the Post Property on condition he not be identified.

He said: ¬ębrick business is usually based on the needs of the market, many are busy in dry season and reached the rainy season, so it decreases as usual.

He said: ‘This year the decrease seemed unusually solid and idthabrahaong some are imported from neighboring countries and most residents live some provinces such as Kampot, Takeo, Kandal, Prey Veng, Svay Rieng Kratie Cham Khmom in Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri, located next to the border, using bricks imported from abroad, more and more ‘ .

When asked whether it was caused by factors that cause people to live in those having to resort to using bricks imported from abroad? Brick man he answered: Our 1st floor is a bit expensive for our brick production it is also high cost of fire fuels labor and transportation. 2 in terms of quality is similar, but users (builders) are told that the floor of the Khmer stronger import brick brick, wood-fired, is more quality.

A master builder was born in Province Heng Vuthy, 25, who has worked in construction for almost 10 years, said the : obviously, if the floor of the Khmer we are burning properly and equally good is stronger than brick Vietnam. But in general, imports from Vietnam brick format equal size and color is also good, and easy preparation of a wall faster.
Vuthy, said: ‘If the contractors construction at my district, Prey Veng and Svay Rieng is mostly used bricks imported from Vietnam Yes.

The price floor is 10,000 (pieces) Brick cost between $ 285300 cost of the oven (around break) to . The bricks imported from Vietnam have poor sales, and it also has similar values.

Separately Chankea Kompong Trach district has just completed construction of his house a little reminder: ‘I saved money and bought bricks from Vietnam since the dry. 5000 brick probably cost about $ 120130. The oldest brick.

Brick Peace, said: ‘Now we are facing a shortage of workers because of Khmer citizens most adults have already migrated abroad.

He said: ‘My experience, each individual worker working in kilns at least one paid 20,000 riels (US $ 5) per day, but in general can be more.

He added: ‘kiln workers because they work as a team how contractors from Brick with 3 phase (template for preparing the ground prepare grill preparation out of the oven and put sunbathing) from start to finish to get a total of 810 riel per brick. So if they make timely quick is really a huge profit.

He said: ‘If a family has a workforce of 34 people, and work together in a single brick, they may rest approximately $ 400 to $ 600-700 per month.

In Cambodia, a cement plant of the three cement manufacturers such as K-Cenment Chakri cement plants and cement factories Chip Mong inches authentic Corporation.

During Q1 this year Chip Mong Breaking Bangui has just started to build a cement plant inches Montreal Investment Corporation in Kampot end of March 2016 as a joint venture in the amount of 262 million US dollars between Chip Mong Group and company Tim authentic pub tablets Comfort Perry Limited, a company with experience over 40 years in one of the largest cement manufacturing in area ASEAN. The new plant will be equipped with the latest equipment and technology from China and Germany and has a cement capacity of 5 billion tonnes per day. According to the Post published on 28 March 2016 so far.

Products for interior decoration wall Paint bit map (Cam-paint) is to develop crafts small- to medium-sized dozens of paint products.

Som Properties chief executive, said: Paint Cam-paint products distributed in size, about 20 percent of the entire market. Now we can produce thnapnr about 2 million liters per year, with dozens of species.

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