including natural light and adequate

Green open space, including natural light and adequate ventilation in the new apartment is the key to some of the city need to focus If you talk about urban sustainability.

Ms. Catherine Sherwin Australian organizers Planning and leading business development consulting firm in Phnom Penh Agile Development Group, told from the point good in the city but also from some gaps in the live well.exercise-public

She told the Post the property: city undergoing rapid urbanization development in the present and developing higher .

Tower apartments are being built closer together so there is less light or natural ventilation.

Usually mental and physical health of people who live in places where there are few natural light is decreased. This is why it’s important that they should have a courtyard outside.
Sherwin her newborn who recently arrived in Phnom Penh in part of the consultancy work with Agile Development Group, said that she observed shortage preparation and joint problems of urbanization in Phnom Penh.

`Does not have a design project before. It was just me and my blocks and it’s something I can do. ‘ According to her words Sherwin.

‘The use of the vehicle as a means of new vehicles set out as a consequence further.

She said: ‘The car is started up, and this is a concern because it makes more but there are traffic jams. I predict in advance that the future situation will be worse than that. ‘

During the growing urbanization in Phnom Penh She Sherwin said the city would look at other cities with a high density previously used to have a good balance between sustainable development and quality of life.

She said: ‘For the country, it’s a good thing that we should look at Singapore or Hong Kong, whether urban development can live with that? ‘.

They have an open public courtyard city only river and Independence Monument and everyone was forced to play on the road .

Looking ahead to the future, she Sherwin understood that the discussion in the community and participate in the local level can be a way to create change positive. ‘minds initiated a lot of good things around the world and some of the ideas from one person or two people in the community and also appearing respectively. According to her claims Sherwin. Referring to the High Line in New York City, which used to be a railroad town center and is processed into a well.

According to Sherwin, despite initiatives in the community and protest government is vital to the future of the city but there is currently no plan or strategy for any city.

«I think it’s very good if you are planning a layout. According to her words Sherwin. ‘If there is a plan, we can look to the future, as part of it, rather than just saying what’s on my road and block I said.

Sherwin also urged the government to put the principles into design apartments, which should include both natural light and ventilation in one of the to live in a city that is sustainable.

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